Fabian Meyer Software and Web Developer

Open Source

Open Source is really important. That is because Open Source means giving something to the programming community, in a way from which everyone profits.

The projects on this page are my contribution. They were mostly made out of personal interest, but are licensed to allow anybody to take them, free of charge, and create something nice with them.

All the source code is available at https://github.com/meyfa.

Web App Components

php-svg PHP
Vector graphics (SVG) library for PHP
phpunit-assert-gd PHP
PHPUnit matcher/assertions for GD image resources
angular-filemodel JS
Connect file inputs to ng-model in AngularJS
angular-filesize-filter JS
Format byte counts as strings with unit
ifrender JS
Rendering icon fonts to bitmaps

Structograms and BYOB

These projects are part of or were created based on a paper I wrote during high school about constructing a compiler for converting digital Nassi-Shneiderman diagrams to executable Scratch (BYOB) scripts.

scratchlib Java
Java library for working with Scratch/BYOB stage files
nsdlib Java
Nassi-Shneiderman diagrams (structograms) with Java
structogram2byob Java
Compiles structograms into executable BYOB scripts
scratch-obfuscator Java
Fun project for obfuscating Scratch/BYOB projects


These are projects intended for server-side JavaScript with NodeJS. Some might also prove useful in browser environments but that is secondary.

fs-adapters JS
Minimal JavaScript interfaces for file system abstraction
giantdb JS
Large object database in native JavaScript, with encryption support
giantdb-crypto JS
GiantDB middleware for object encryption
teval JS
Template evaluation for Node, efficient and lightweight
recaptcha-promise JS
Node module for promise-based ReCAPTCHA verification
measure-stream JS
Node streams that know their length
mime-stream JS
Node pass-through stream for MIME type detection
runstring JS
Convert JS functions to runnable strings
writable-wrapper JS
Node writable stream with a single data target

Data Processing

jciph Java
Java library for encryption and hashing
java-sha256 Java
A SHA-256 implementation (jciph predecessor)
line-chat-parser JS
JavaScript parser module for LINE chats


These are projects that are meant to be used for desktop computer applications.

atom-screenshot JS
Atom editor plugin for creating code screenshots
everdream JS
High-level browser automation based on Electron
WindowTitleWatcher C#
Allows observing window states and titles in C#
swapper Java
Java/Swing wrapper reducing bloat in GUI classes

Misc Projects

2048-Solver-Bookmarklet JS
Algorithm that wins the game 2048
Spofyp C#
Recorder for a music streaming client
codeforces-solutions C++
Solutions to some CodeForces problems
CubeShift Java
My Ludum Dare #35 entry (a game)
youtube-thumbnail-preview HTML
Preview any image as a YouTube thumbnail in all sizes